National Database

As a part of our work for the Heltasa Foundation SIG we are putting together a national database of all those working in the Extended Curriculum/ Foundation/ Access Programme space in Higher Education in South Africa.

Benefits of a national staff database

We felt that it is important to have a database of the ECP community to facilitate fast and effective communication and to give ECP practitioners a simple way to get hold of fellow ECP colleagues in the country. Additional benefits that we felt such a database would have include:

  • Enable practice sharing;
  • Facilitate national and inter-institutional collaborations;
  • Better knowledge sharing;
  • Easy event promotion; and
  • A sense of solidarity, community, and oneness.

Database Access and Editing

We hope to make this database available to the entire ECP community and also enable everybody in the community to contribute to its accuracy. The database is on a Google Drive Excel Worksheet, so it can easily be viewed and added to by other ECP community members. Here is the link to the database:

Here is a video explaining how to edit it:

Please note: Your details are safe. The database are only accessible to ECP staff members.

What we need from you

Could you please do the following:

  • Check that your details are accurate and complete;
  • Share this email with other ECP staff members at your department/ institution;
  • Ask them to add their details as well; and
  • Save this email for future reference (or bookmark the link).